Greetings and happy New year readers ๐Ÿ™‚ 2024 is here Jesus is king! we all should be humbled to journeying into the new year with gratitude and thankfulness. “What are you appreciative for?” it’s not difficult to propose buzzword answers like, “My wellbeing,” or “My family.” Yet to foster a way of life of appreciation, you should dial back and be purposeful to take a gander at all parts of your life – work, home, play, local area, church, school, neighborhood, family – on the grounds that when you truly assess the situation.

There is such a great amount to be thankful for wouldn’t you agree? and it is also very well, may be explicit individuals in your day to day existence, something important to cover the bills, a decent client support insight, a free country, a vehicle to get around, food to eat, a spot to live, natural air to breath, a caring word you got, a comfortable coat, a comfortable bed, heated water, another day – the conceivable outcomes are huge! What’s more, toward the day’s end, we felt such gratefulness that we had been helped through the difficulty so indeed, and with no frightful slip-up.

It has been a whirlwind of chaos and war still going on around the world, I am hopeful through prayer that Russia, Ukraine, Israel and Palestine will eventually make a stance of truce with the help of other political governments around the world. It is one issue that sickens my heart as I am against neglect, abuse, starvation and trafficking against children and girls of all ages, and it is important that I bring awareness from reading several articles about the 15% of mothers who are committing horrendous crimes against their children and allowing their boyfriends to also commit physical, emotional and outright mental suffering against their children ๐Ÿ™ there is one act of abuse that I had watched on YouTube of a Kentucky mom who alleged an double child murder accused killer Tiffanie Lucas by Law&Crime podcast is a must see video.

It is very important for mothers who are not mentally prepared to seek help from organizations to help them cope with life challenges also to attain the help they need that would identify and bring awareness regarding the Behavorial issues that are deadly to one’s mental health. Social issues have been related with various factors; in any case, it also concentrates at the same time examining nurturing rehearses and conjugal connections in bi-parental families and youngster conduct.

Per the “ articles, the relationship among positive and negative nurturing rehearses, conjugal connections, interactive abilities, and conduct issues among kids from bi-parental families with and those without maternal despair to distinguish the prescient impact of positive and negative nurturing preparedness, conjugal connections and maternal despondency, for incorporating, externalizing conduct issues and adaptation by taking in and using their customs and culture. These issues primarily lead to loss of their culture identity that can also have severe psychological mental effects ๐Ÿ™ 65 Max foundation’s focus is to help girls to recognize the risks and danger that they put themselves, at the forefront in the judge’s eye that will lead her down a road of danger, destruction, disruption and not allowing herself to move forward into social growth. If you know anyone who are experiencing or having hardships, relationship problems, depression also who have children please for our children sake contact your community hotline 1-800-344-600, any community firefighter station, community schools, Round Table and Safeway Stores, Taco Bell restaurant’s also if you have any information of relatives please contact someone because it is not turning the cheek that helps to make a difference! in 2023 parents who have killed their children has risen of mothers 70% and fathers 80% humanity is crying, and Love will overcome darkness until next time due be inspired and I leave you with this quote…