About Us

Executive Summary

Pamela is an Inspiring leader who is focused to help sustain growth opportunities that can help make a
difference in her Community and abroad. Pamela is the CFO and key player of 65 Max Organization, working
with the youth and inspiring artist (s) having a desire of becoming the next big thing in the entertainment
Industry. Pamela realized in her community their were limited resources for at risk youth that were desperately
needed and decided to take another leap of faith and established her 5013© Non profit in 2012. My vision is to
establish a OJT program that creates jobs within the foundation.
Her goal is to help mentor girls who are underprivileged and live in disadvantage areas, falling through the
cracks of the School district, judicial system, Homeless, battered women and displaced women and Veterans.
My expertise as a customer service executive, has allowed me to utilize my skills to help empower young
adolescents by encouragement, to take responsibility first, and to move forward towards Social Growth.

I am applying for a loan to open a Miss Fields TCBY/Cookies cafe to integrate into the program that creates
jobs. Having over 15 years in the restaurant management service, has allowed me to utilize my versatile skills
and attributes to lead and mentor throughout my career. In 2014 Under the direction of Mayor Tim Grayson I
attended the National Development Institute where I received my CNC certification and journeyed on too JFK
University where I attended the IEL Entrepreneurial ship program, and received my Leadership Certification..
I was eager to succeed and I partnered with Supervisor Federal Glover, and under his direction I had given class
presentations and was an exhibitor 2015-16 at the Y-Summit venture where I had over 8o girls who had given
signature of interest of what the program had to offer.

I was awarded both years and received certifications of being a thought leader in the Contra Costa Community.
In 2016 under the Obama Administration I signed a Commitment Of Authorization to give a second chance that
will give a pathway that leads to opportunities to at risk youth/adolescents to seek education and employment. I
am a member of the Pitts-burg Chamber Of Commerce, and in 2015 I was acclimated as a Board of Governor of
the NANOE elite organization and received my CNE, CDE certification. In 2019 I was recognized Women Of
Empowerment and was Honored By the ‘Power ‘ Professional Organization of women of Excellence. My
mission is to continue to help empower ,young adolescents, help create change and to lead by example. My long
term goal is to establish my foundation Internationally.

About Us

65 Max foundation Inc. is focused to enrich each student academically by providing a classroom setting that allows each participant to participate in a group intervention(openly) by establishing social emotional growth that instills confidence and (OJT) skills through the proposed goal #1 that is developed through accountability. Our goal is to empower each student to enhance their customer service skills by implementing hands on training that help builds integrity and self esteem. 65 Max Foundation advocates “ We Can “ We Will” attitude, this stance creates a mind set to help concur the self
destruction to establish the skills that are needed to attain no matter what profession, higher education or to become an entrepreneur.
Goal #1 > Provide effective and enriching learning environments with highly qualified and skilled staff, quality classroom instruction and hands on training and development training, appropriate instructional materials and facilities that are in good repair
The proposed program/service is research-based and as of 2019 during research I come to find that their are 263,058 displaced youth in California 970 reside in contra Costa County alone and 47% are girls, and according to the (US Census Bureau) there were 55,000 displaced youth age 12-19 in the United states which is 13% of the population. Vulnerable youth and the transition to adulthood are consistently – connected to school or work between 18 -24.( Kidsdata.org) states Roughly 1 in 5 youth from low-income families 18% never connect making extremely short between ages 18-24 and 1in 50 youth from high income
families 2% fall into this category.
11-15 their are 3.5% and ages 16-20 4.0% foster care youth attending school in Contra Costa County. There are a limited of at risk youth programs that are located in our community in Antioch Ca, searching through I was able to find a couple of youth based non-profits who serviced throughout the east bay community for at risk youth ( 1).
Beat The Streets ..( 2). Salvation Army… were the only (two) non-profits defined as at risk youth programs that serviced foster youth and homeless advocacy outlets. I come to find the Office of Contra Costa County was the main branch to have any connected resources that are available for at risk youth. All Roads Lead 65 Max Foundation would be a great asset within our community who has established partnerships with the Chambers of commerce and other community peers throughout the East bay abroad. 4. The proposed program/service and data will be collected and used for research as specified.