All I want is help in life and some inspiration. You want people around that will inspire you and help you to succeed and get somewhere in life. You desire to have this ! This is not too much to ask,This is what any leader who has a calling, goals dreams and vision. For over 8 years I have strategically put together modules to help address and to help solve some of the problems that women are facing today. We can be offered resources that should be available to us, No matter if it is seeking to further our education, to refresh our skills creatively and to receive the support financially:( this is a sitgma of unforeseen growth also an awareness that should not be ignored. When women leaders pay their own way utilizing their own resources to scale Independently such as I regardless of the expectations of ones opinion, it is mandatory that someone adheres to the need to help move us forward especially when we are paying our dues to Society 🙂 I hope to inspire others by leading By example to never give up on your calling, to never give up on anything that is worth investing into until you become. My story is a Blockbuster movie lol it is a Warnerbrothers documentary of a Sapphires journey who will never give up and stay hopefull such as I, the New World order of Democracy I shall rise against all odds enjoy your week, stay safe, stay true to who you are because Individuality of self worth is the key towards success. I hope you enjoy today’s Blog and I leave you with the quote of today and Happy Black History Month…..

Freedom and Justice cannot be parceled out in pieces to suite political convenience. I don’t believe you can stand for Freedom for one group of people and deny it to others.

Quote ‘Coretta Scott King’

Have You Felt This Way?

Have you felt like everyone has left you in your life? That you do not have that stable family life that you know other people do? You have moved from foster home to foster home before you get a chance to feel that you belong? Have you rebelled because there is no one there to support you and you have gotten into the wrong crowd and got in trouble?

High Support = Low Delinquency

High levels of support and warmth are associated with low levels of delinquency and that low levels of support or even rejection are linked to high levels of delinquency Even though the number of girls is decreasing in the juvenile system the three main reasons why they are being arrested is larceny-theft, assault, and disorderly conduct offenses. With no support, stability, or inspiration in your life, it’s almost certain that you’ll get into trouble.

Whatever the crime, the delinquent always ends up losing out. Not only have you lost your freedom while being incarcerated but you may have lost ground academically as well.

Foster Care

There are many reasons children enter foster care. You entered through no fault of your own and unfortunately, you may not have received the care that was expected. Girls are often neglected, abused, trafficked, or abandoned and that’s why they have entered foster care. Going to live with other people or even another family certainly is not easy, and you may end up feeling like an outcast and you don’t belong.

All Roads 65 Max – Helping You Overcome

This is where All Roads 65 Max comes into your life. We will provide you with everything that you don’t currently have, and we take this very seriously. Everyone should have the same opportunities in life and that includes stable family life and chances to do any job that you want. In many communities, there are limited resources in the community for youth who are at risk.

Mentor & Empower Girls

Our goal is to help mentor girls, like yourself, who are underprivileged and live in disadvantaged areas, falling through the cracks of the school district and judicial system. We want to empower and inspire young girls and create change for you. 65 Max foundation Inc. is focused to enrich each student academically by providing a classroom setting that allows each participant to be involved in a group intervention (openly) by establishing social-emotional growth that instills confidence.

“We Can, We Will” Mindset

We have a ‘We Can, We Will’ attitude, and that will never change. This is the mindset that we will always have, and we want to empower you with that mindset as well. We want to provide you with the skills that are needed to attain no matter what the profession you want to be involved in, the higher education you would like to achieve, or even to become an entrepreneur and run your own business.

Helping Those Transitioning Out of Foster Care

Our primary focus is on girls transitioning in and out of foster homes as we all know how hard that can be. You can join our mentoring programs where we provide goal setting, self-discipline, self-development. You will be able to associate with other girls who are going through the exact same situations that you are.

This will be instrumental to your success. We will also provide you skills for the workforce if that is the direction that you would like to move into.

If you would like to empower girls in overcoming these difficulties please donate here.