Have you heard the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’The African proverb seems to be even more relevant in 2020. There are working parents and single parents (and the accompanying family “busyness” that has become the norm) trying to raise a family. Even though it seems that the support of a “village” is so desperately needed, the concept has somewhat disappeared from our society. Raising children is a difficult task for which no one is ever completely prepared.  There are situations where support from others is not only warranted but also desired by the parent. Limited Resources for At-Risk Youth Pamela L Henderson realized that in her community there were limited resources for at-risk youth. They are desperately needed and Pamela decided to take another leap of faith. Her goal is to help mentor girls who are underprivileged and live in disadvantaged areas. These girls are falling through the cracks of the School District, Judicial System, Homelessness, Battered Women and Displaced Women and Veterans.

Parents have a very important job, and supporting fellow parents will only lead to positives for our neighborhoods, schools and communities. Kids today are lonely, stressed out and isolated. They lack the same social skills and social/emotional intelligence older generations accrued from growing around with family, extended family, and other community who supports and communicate frequently – this is one thing that generally seems lacking when it comes to the younger generations. Parents are pressed for time as they work hard to put dinner on the table and in many cases are working two jobs which leave the children having to fend for themselves. This can often lead to hanging out with the wrong crowds and ultimately not getting the support they need.

Every child is different, having a strong support system that includes experienced elders and surrogate parents who can offer support and guidance. A good village can provide children with the tools, skills, and eyes/ears birth and/or adoptive parents don’t have. There is a lot of pressure on parents these days. It’s like a badge of honor to do everything yourself, which could explain why we are more stressed, our kids have fewer manners and get into more trouble. We’re more depressed, our communities are less safe, and our life spans are shorter. We need help to survive. When we rely on our family, friends, and community members to help our children grow, thrive, and survive, we’re all better with Guidance and Support that is Vital. Some parents leave their kids floundering in the wind, with no guidance, going towards anything and anyone that would accept them. Kids without a ‘village’ are often in a death spiral which can lead to gang affiliation, drug use, drug sales, juvenile delinquency, jail/prison, teen pregnancy, dropping out of high school, and sometimes — even Something has happened to villages today. They no longer exist. People don’t want to be responsible for anything anymore, and people don’t want to help. Many parents are so power-hungry and in need of controlling someone or something, the village framework option isn’t for them.

In 2016 under the Obama Administration Pamela signed a Commitment Of Authorization to give a second chance that will give a pathway that leads to opportunities to at-risk youth/adolescents to seek education and employment. ‘Villages’ Are Still Needed in 2020, A strong village can help parents’ children struggling, providing the support and strength they need to keep going. We are our brother’s and sister’s keeper. When one family struggles, we all struggle. When one family hurts, we all hurt. No matter what anyone says, it takes a village to make it in this world. Our children are only as strong as their village, and children are in crisis in America. Young children are committing suicide, being bullied, being killed at school by their classmates, self-medicating and being left alone. Whether parents are biased or too busy, the village framework can act as extra parents, extra eyes, more ears, guardian angels, and spare counsel.

All Roads 65 Max helps to provide some of the support that a village provides to young girls and women. There is nothing more important than working together to help the next generation keeping the country going. In today’s world we have to support one another especially Now because their is a war going on and it can began in our own back yard 🙁 today I am celebrating who I am as a proud African American girl and ‘I love My Happy Hair Lol until next time readers thank you ! to everyone who is supporting me ! and to know I do support you have a wonderful day keep prayers up!! To stop this war….

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