Greetings readers and happy holidays! I trust everyone is having a brilliant week’s end:) there is a lot going on, and we all should be careful, cautious and aware per my previous article. I had read an article from World news, and it was heartfelt reading how people around the World are protesting against the war with Isreal and Palestine also we cannot forget the ongoing war with Russia and the Ukraine as well. Ten Thai nationals were among the first hostages to be released during the cease-fire deal between Israel and Hamas, raising a hope that will reverberate into this rural village in northeastern Thailand. About two dozen of the estimated 240 hostages being held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip are from Thailand, one of Israel’s biggest sources of migrant labor. Thailand also has among the highest death tolls in the conflict of any foreign country, with 39 of its citizens killed Earlier on Friday, the Thai Prime Minister announced that 12 Thai nationals were released. The foreign ministry of Qatar later confirmed that the number was ten. The reason for the discrepancy was not immediately clear, and the situation remains fluid.
By Nat Sumon, Jay Gray and Mithil Aggarwal

 I am also proud that the people who are taking a stand to help acknowledge the injustice that has been happening to all of us perusing our dreams and passion or who have become a victim of enslaved behavior, either way we are fighting against those who are bullies or abusing their power to the fullest. Humanity is standing up against pure evil from the entertainment Industry, Trafficking, hostile takeovers, false prophet’s, Bishops, churches and Corruption within our political leaders around the world at its finest:) Ladies’ security isn’t just compromised or abused during wars and clashes. It’s compromised in their regular routines in both public and confidential circles, remembering for stable majority rule governments and during seasons of harmony. All around the world, 35% of ladies have encountered physical or sexual cozy or non-accomplice sexual viciousness. Globally, 38% of all homicides of ladies are committed by private accomplices. On a neighborhood level ladies ought to be prepared by government and qualified common society associations to empower peaceful cycles and fabricate networks in and between networks. Change is required inside neighborhood designs to present orientation delicate drives that benefit society in general and significantly impact attitude.

Protecting our women and children’s education Guardians assembled at educational committee’ gatherings to voice their viewpoints about specific LGBTQ+ books. The question endured the whole school year however at the board’s last gathering before the late spring break. It boils down to two gatherings of guardians differing about what they accept is proper for understudies. Some say specific books are required to have been comprehensive to all understudies, while others say they go excessively far. Gatherings were loaded with guardians who care profoundly for their youngsters however stand isolated on the books they approach. kids return to school, the attention on math, science, and perusing has been sidelined by crusades mounted for the sake of “guardians’ privileges.

” Supporters are requesting that books be restricted from educational plans and school libraries, focusing on instructors and directors in light of perspectives, and battling for control of training sheets. There is no doubt that guardians merit a say in molding their kids’ training’s they have moral and lawful obligation regarding their youngsters, and the opportunity to go with major choices for their families. Be that as it may, the revitalizing cry of “guardians’ privileges” is being used to do definitely more than give guardians their legitimate voice. It is transforming government funded schools into political milestones, cracking networks, and redirecting investment from instructing and learning. “Be the voice of your children.”
The Hindustan Times article written By Mallika Soni also had stated that Saudi Arabia demanded the start of a serious and comprehensive peace process to establish a Palestinian state along the borders decided in 1967, per Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Reading further Chinese president Xi Jinping also called for a ceasefire for lasting peace and security in the region saying that the two-state solution is the way out for durable peace in the region. “We are facing a humanitarian catastrophe that testifies to the failure of the UN Security Council and the international community to put an end to the Israeli violations – a matter that demonstrates double standards,” he said, calling for a coordinated and collective effort among Arab and Islamic states to take action to lift the siege and deliver humanitarian and relief aid into Gaza.

I personally am looking forward of being part of the change as well 🙂 2024 65 Max Foundation Inc. Is focused and positioned Internationally to help girls and women of all ages to focus more on social Independence, confidence, self-esteem and happiness Lol we all can accept new ventures, that is our call from God 🙂 well readers I have reach my destination, and I leave you with this quote, until next time do stay blessed, stay prayed Up! And know we are all in this together “Cheers.”

As Soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else……