I enjoyed being able to help other organizations who are at hard work to efficiently execute to help those in need. It is very important that we all give back to help people within our community and abroad 🙂 My next support will be to take my grandson and nephew with me to drop off food as needed also to teach them both how important it is no matter where or what you are doing always take the opportunity to give back much love to TogetherSF 🙂 I as a leader will continue to support what I am passionate about, to continue to help when I can, also to help give shine to those who are working such as I implementing and executing when nobody is looking:) it is the small gestures and the little things that gives us hope as we move forward into Social growth 🙂 I hope I have put a smile on those who I have shared my resources and given time such as joining me on my radioshow 🙂 It was an absolutely pleasure having Jennifer Keltner  on BBSRadio/Allroads65 I look forward to chatting further and to our prosperous partnership. Until next time Jewels please join me  on BBS/Radio/Allroads65 , allroads65max.org and on Patreon.com/Allroads65 and pamelahInspiresJewel. I leave you with my favorite quote of the day and have a wonderful week:) 
I Am No Longer Accepting The Things I Can not Change ! I am Changing The Things I Can Not Accept… ‘ Angela Davis” have a wonderful Day….. from a True Sapphire…  Bring Justice To Wisconsin ! WE WANT JUSTICE FOR JACOB BLAKE !!