Greetings readers I hope your day has started out to be a productive one also I want to reiterate this message that is absolutely necessary for us to understand how important it is to know how we are wearing our crown Lol it is interesting to know after interviewing and talking with colleagues and leaders whose interest aligns with mines and how fascinating it is to know that the Universe energy is allowing us to establish beautiful partnerships. I am so proud that through my radio show BBSRadio/Allroads65Max Radio I have connected with some of the most phenomenal thought leaders of the world, who have given me the opportunity to talk about life issues, challenges and obstacles also how we can take our power back which is one of the most difficult tasks that some, have tried and failed in the process due to doubt, worry, anxiety and fear:( The Universe Loves us ! Trust The Universe, Let Go of Fear and Manifest Unlimited Love, Abundance and Blessings – believe me I know LOL I am a Sapphire who has gone through a difficult journey, overcoming adversity and uncertainty was questionable at times however I never gave up on me LOL Through research reading about this amazing galaxy, I had visited the website who said 🙂 Namaskar in true sense means that, I bow down to the energy, soul, spirit in you. Now that you are on my page, I am taking this opportunity to greet you by saying “Namaskar”. Universe Loves You… Yes, the Superpower is watching you and is with you all the time everywhere you go! Wow how powerful was that Quote statement right Lol

I am sharing a snippet of my up coming article from the Journey Sapphire monthly News beautiful Ones to give you a understanding of who I am also how my Interviewee GreyWolf Walk who is determined to fight for change ! Check It Out …Nov 25th 2022

It is absolutely important that we know and understand how to overcome and connect with our inner self and speaking about how to align with your superhero 🙂 I had a fabulous conversation with Dr. Rima Bonario It wasn’t till she hit crisis after crisis that Dr. Rima embarked on a spiritual path that enlisted her body- not just her mind. In the healing that awakened her sacred feminine sovereignty showing her the way to approach everything in life from the feminine energy that attracts and receives…. And the key to that emergence was the discovery of the Seven Queens that live within women. Dr. Rima is also the founder of The Art of Quantum Living…. Dr. Rima had discussed not only about her book (The Seven Queendoms) A Soul map 🙂 also she had enlightened us about the (8) Queendoms absolutely, Meet the Grounded Queen, the passionate Queen, The Empowered Queen, The Expressive Queen, The Visionary Queen and The Divine Queen what are these characteristics and how does she show up and grow within? 1)The Art of Quantum Living? I have to admit our conversation was amazing and deep! this phenomenal thought leader had helped me to understand about the Loving Queen and the most important one! The shamed Queen whose journey is to push a person down instead of lifting her up because in my opinion, she is the queen who lacks confidence, self-esteem and most important Integrity! at “All Roads Lead 65 Max Foundation Inc” I am a Sapphire whose focuses! to uplift, encourage, enlighten and to help develop the girls who attend my program to become a Queendom priestess that is God’s journey for me, and I am unapologetically determined. In today’s world our girls are off course who need to understand that sharing any part of you is a gift from father above! and I will continue to lead by example as I become a better me by learning and growing, also that is not a girl who thinks she is better than others or stuck up absolutely not! that is a girl who is confident with or without money, fame, married or not married Jewels Lol I say hold yourself accountable to the highest value mentally, physically and emotionally. Check out the interview link get inspired and remember to invest in yourself to become a better you. You can purchase Dr. Rima Bonario book on and visit her website who is also the founder of ‘Bloom Fine Egyptian Oils that she offers on her website to open up our blocked “Chakra” well readers I have reached my destination I am an award winning author of the new book ‘A Journey of a Sapphire” I hope to inspire others who are on their journey towards success to never give up on your dreams and “How to recognize behavioral problems” please visit to purchase your copy of my book also available on kindle fire!! and as always I leave you with this quote and do have a wonderful blessed beautiful day and weekend.

She’s The Kind of Queen That Knows her Crown Isn’t on Her head But in Her Soul”

-Adrian Michael