Greetings Jewels we all have some unwanted obstacles and challenges that has hindered our growth opportunities. My focus is to help each individual to take responsibility an attain the resources that are needed to move forward into Social growth 🙂 Check out the interview  I had  with Mr. Dane Stevens who is a coach, author, speaker who teaches Neuro trauma healing (NTHP) a Soul Re-Cognition process to help permanently resolve past trauma and limiting beliefs.
As we celebrate Black History month it is so overwhelming to indulge into the minds of greatness from caller ID, to the super soaker and peanut butter 🙂 however what was astonishing to know that ‘George Crum’ who was a chef and restaurateur is said to have unintentionally created the potato chips during the summer of 1853. They were made in response to a customer who sent back their fried potatoes after complaining they were too thick LOL the crisps were an instant hit and though Crum never patented the creations, chips are arguably now one of the world’s favorite snacks.
I hope everyone is staying safe ! and I leave you with the quote of the day 🙂 until next time Jewels also Join me here on purchase a tier and move forward with me towards Social growth and win an opportunity to join me on BBSRadio/Allroads65 Max Radio until next time Jewels 🙂 do have a wonderful week yours truly from a true Sapphire….