Greetings readers I have some juicy news offered by Fitkids did you know that Children do not express stress the way adults do. According to experts, young children do not always have the language to express themselves. Instead, they may react irritably or have trouble sleeping at night. Teaching your children how to cope with stress and emphasizing self-care will help them throughout their lives.

Setting the Stage 
Kids need space to relax. Create a nook for your child to work on arts and crafts. Hang buckets of supplies, add shelves for different types of construction paper, and designate a place to display the artwork. You may also want to arrange a quiet corner for a space to calm down and regulate emotions. Add plush seating, quiet toys, and stuffed animals. This is a safe place for children to practice mindfulness and reflection.

Set up your backyard for outdoor play. Break up your yard into different play areas. Tents, canopies, and umbrellas make great places for kids to feel like they are in a fort or secret hideaway. Consider outdoor art stations with messy paints and clay. Not only does it make cleaning up easier for you, but the outdoors inspires creativity.

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Becoming the Role Model
Your stress affects your children. When you feel stressed, your children look to you to see how you cope with it. Before you can teach your kids healthy habits, you have to practice them yourself. Try to stay positive in the face of stress and do not allow yourself to become a perfectionist. Mistakes happen, and you do not want your children to fear making mistakes. Failures can eat away at self-esteem when they want everything to be perfect.

Prioritize taking breaks and working out. Exercise boosts endorphins and puts you in a better mood. Set up a workout routine for yourself and let your kids join you. Exercise can be a fun activity for the whole family.

Fill your home with healthy snacks for your family. Teaching your kids healthy eating habits begins with you. Healthy options you all can enjoy include:
•Trail mix
•Sliced apples or pears
•Fruit smoothies

Practicing Self-Care
Prioritize time to relax. Include quiet time into your children’s routine. This can be an opportunity to read to your children or to rock in the rocking chair. Other examples of self-care include:
•Practicing good hygiene
•Journaling and exploring creatively
•Mediation and exercising

Teach your kids to talk about emotions. Children at different ages have different needs when it comes to expressing feelings. In addition to caring for their emotional health, focus on their minds, too. Provide your kids with learning games and toys that encourage creative thinking, imaginative play, and problem-solving. Creativity encourages mental growth. Giving children a chance to create art can help them do better in reading, math, and writing.

Self-care is beneficial for children and adults. Modeling appropriate coping strategies helps kids grow up knowing how to handle stressors throughout their lives. Teach them how to relax and let go of stress to live healthier in the days ahead. With that being said readers I hope you have found this topic to be absolutely informative and as always I have reached my destination and I leave you with this quote 🙂 until next time do have a beautiful weekend.
Only When We Are Not Afraid Do We Begin To Live ” Dorothy Thompson’

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