Greetings readers I hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂 with everything that is going on I felt in my heart that I had to share this article as we all need a reminder how important it is to have direction for our children today 🙂 Have you heard the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’? The African proverb seems to be even more relevant in 2023. There are working parents and single parents (and the accompanying family “busyness” that has become the norm) trying to raise a family. Despite the fact that it appears to be that the help of a “town” is so frantically required, the idea has fairly vanished from our general public. Bringing up kids is a troublesome errand for which nobody is at any point totally ready. There are circumstances where support from others isn’t just justified yet in addition wanted by the parent. Restricted Assets for In danger Youth, Pamela L Henderson understood that locally there were restricted assets for in danger youth. Every child is different, having a strong support system that includes experienced elders and surrogate parents who can offer support and guidance. A good village can provide children with the tools, skills, and eyes/ears birth and/or adoptive parents don’t have. There is a lot of pressure on parents these days. It’s like a badge of honor to do everything yourself, which could explain why we are more stressed, our kids have fewer manners and get into more trouble. We’re more depressed, our communities are less safe, and our life spans are shorter.

WE have to stand together against all who have an agenda to sacrifice our children for their own greater good. I am looking forward to watching the movie ” SOUND OF FREEDOM” the fight against Worldwide Child Slavery and Sex Trade! This shall enlighten us all in regard to the Darkside of an agenda that is morally and Ungodly wrong. Illegal exploitation comes in many shapes and sizes, hurting grown-ups and kids in nations rich and poor the same.

Altogether, this issue — otherwise called current bondage — influences an expected 40.3 million individuals internationally and procures dealers something like $150 billion yearly, making it one of the world’s most beneficial wrongdoings. Despite the fact that bondage has been prohibited in many nations, numerous nations can’t really implement these boycotts, and contemporary acts of present-day subjection continue as a significant worldwide test today.

This example separates the different types of illegal exploitation and looks at the people and enterprises generally ordinarily impacted by this issue. Illegal exploitation is the catching and double-dealing of an individual utilizing misdirection, viciousness, or pressure. It for the most part takes three fundamental structures: constrained work (which incorporates sex dealing), constrained marriage, and constrained organ expulsion.] I am humbled and grateful for Mr. Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel along with others who are heroes!!!! and should be commended for standing with Integrity against the Unknown challenges that is desperately needed that would shed a light on what is going on in the World today. This impact is what I stand for and what I have been enduring for the past 10 years being bullied, harassed and targeted because of what I and my foundation stands for, unapologetically to help inspire girls of all ages being brainwashed, sexually exploited, worldwide. Go watch the movie

In 2016 under the Obama Administration Pamela signed a Commitment Of Authorization to give a second chance that will give a pathway that leads to opportunities to at-risk youth/adolescents to seek education and employment. Villages’ Are Still Needed in 2023 A strong village can help parents’ children struggling, providing the support and strength they need to keep going. We are our brother’s and sister’s keeper. When one family struggles, we all struggle. When one family hurts, we all hurt. No matter what anyone says, it takes a village to make it in this world.

All Roads 65 Max helps to provide some of the support that a village provides to young girls and women. There is nothing more important than working together to protect our children 🙂 Well readers I have reached my destination and as always, I leave you with this quote and do have a wonderful day and stay safe there is a village of girls who needs you ‘Cheers.”

“And I’m just holding this kid, thinking ‘What am I going to do?’ and I start crying like a baby. I’m just holding this kid, and I’m just crying.”
“Tim Ballard “