Greetings readers and happy New year 🙂 as we embrace the new year staying positive with hope, strength and faith do be mindful how important it is to embrace how our leaders who are committed, to work together for the better good. There is a lot happening right now as the United States and world continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic please remember to be proactive when you are out and about eating at restaurants, grocery stores and the DMV. I have noticed in my opinion when I am out and about that there were only 35% of people who were wearing mask some people still resist wearing them. I was reading an article by the (NIH) National Library of Medicine who did research not too long ago and stated that the demographics of mask wearers and resistors, and the impact of mandates on mask-wearing behavior, they observed shoppers entering retail stores Approximately 41% wore a mask. At that time, the odds of an individual wearing a mask increased significantly with age and was also 1.5x greater for females than males. Additionally, the odds of observing a mask on an urban or suburban shopper were ~4x that for rural areas 90% in all groups, but a small percentage of resistors remained. Thus, gender, age, and location factor into whether shoppers in the United States wear a mask or face covering voluntarily. Additionally, mask mandates are necessary to increase mask wearing among the public to a level required to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In my opinion there are people who choose not to wear a mask in public, however they are the ones who cough or sneeze abruptly without covering their mouth or sneeze in there arm instead, they choose to do so right in the air, and this spreads germs 🙂 this is why mask mandates are necessary to increase mask wearing among the public to a level required to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. so please be considerate to others we are all in this together 🙂

Speaking of togetherness, it is important to me as the founder of my organization to help change the lives of girls who are or who have been exploited and taken down the wrong path of ungodly sins that have caused her too naive. I will continue to reach others leading by example to understand that she is one of Gods Jewel’s and to know that God is King and that is the only one that we should Worship:) I understand how it feels to be ostracized, bamboozled, Shunned, put into a financial hardship and most importantly Misjudged! I have taken my experience to share with others on this journey and I am comfortable of not being accepted by anyone who disagrees 🙂 I enjoy being able to help other organizations who are at hard work to efficiently execute to help those in need. It is very important that we all give back to help people within our community and abroad 🙂 My next support will be to take my grandson and nephew with me to drop off food as needed also to teach them both how important it is no matter where or what you are doing too always take the opportunity to give back to those in need. I as a leader will continue to support what I am passionate about, to continue to help when I can, also to help give shine to those who are working towards healthy solutions such as I, alongside other prominent thought leaders and educators who implement strategic ways when nobody is looking by writing books sharing experience, giving solutions and knowledge that are small gestures that gives us hope as we move forward towards life uncertainty to overcome adversity situations. I am:) so grateful of my support system and I cannot thank them enough for their mentoring support I have attained over the years I love them all and I hope I have put a smile on their faces by utilizing my own resources by sharing my platform to join me on BBsradio/Allroads65 max radio 🙂 This new year I am adding another segment and platform readers I will be announcing shortly so please subscribe to the monthly Sapphire news article Lol.

I had a wonderful conversation with Author Ms. Eileen Saint Lauren who was my special guest on the show and who met the legendary Ray Charles some 23 years ago — never expecting that she would one day go blind herself. Now, the iconic singer’s presence is felt in Saint Lauren’s new book, Goodlife, Mississippi, an immersive story that plunges readers into the sights, sounds and social constructs of the 1950s and ’60s segregated Deep South. It is Saint Lauren’s aim to provoke readers “to contemplate an understanding and tolerance of people whose life experiences and perceptions appear outside the norm though are very real,” she said. “Goodlife, Mississippi’s timeless voices of every color and social class both together reflect the message of compassion, forgiveness and love.” available at Barns and Noble also at Well readers I have reached my destination as always be inspire until next time I leave you with this quote have a wonderful day stay safe from a true Sapphire herself hello 2023 Lol

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”’’’
“Dr. martin Luther King”