Greetings readers I hope everyone had a blessed weekend πŸ™‚ prayers are up pertaining to the war in the middle east how devastating to hear there were 447 children and 248 women among the 1,417 killed in Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Health Ministry said on Thursday, and about 3,000 people have been killed reading from several articles not to even mention the war with Russia and the Ukraine. From what I had read there were 1,500 children killed that breaks my heart:( Over the weekend being out and about, there were less people on the streets by far and looking at those who were either eating lunch outside a restaurant or walking alone the sidewalk I felt sadness and disappointment. I do not know about you! Is it true that when going through life challenges and obstacles do you manage significant disillusionments in light of the fact that significant occasions have been dropped due to the Covid? chaos and war? It’s terrible enough that you are stuck at home and feel segregated from companions and places that are critical to you, yet dropping things like concerts, sports, carnivals, shows, and family gatherings that are important is simply a lot to deal with during times like this we just do not know what to expect.

WE have to remain hopeful Amidst this apparently perpetual terrible news, with wars, desolate financial estimates, and the environment crisis, also the still present worldwide pandemic, how would we save ourselves from falling into a pit of misery? Presently like never before, trust is fundamental as far as we’re concerned to get by and to flourish giving us the strength, boldness, and energy to make a move towards positive change for ourselves, our networks and the planet. Not in your anguish, or in your delights, as of late lock down showed us that we share such a lot of practically speaking we want food, water, cover, we need love, organization, association. Trust lies in perceiving that notwithstanding shallow contrasts, we are kept intact by the common encounters of being human, and this information can join us. On the off chance that you would be able, contact an outsider just with a straightforward grin or a welcome. Assuming you really want assistance, inquire. You will be shocked by how energetic individuals are to help and how delighted to be inquired. Try not to experience peacefully, or alone. vulnerability holds inside and it is better things that are coming indeed, it’s difficult to change in accordance not realizing what is coming, however not knowing implies that something genuinely astounding could be coming. Permit yourself to think about your expectations for the future – then follow up on those expectations by steering one little move toward that course. On my radioshow BBSRadio/Allroads65 Max radio I take it personal when it comes to people who have strategies to help other women such as myself to break the barriers of what we call unwanted gatekeepers and how we can thrive independently and courageously free from the norm of what society has put in our minds and believing that when given the resources that are needed we can dance amongst the stars LOL speaking of such I am looking forward to having this conversation with the beautiful Megan Mary coming up next
Who is passionate about helping other women connect with the inner guidance and wisdom in their own dreams. Megan says she believes the symbolic imagery in our dreams is a key, once unlocked we can tap into our own innate wisdom, evolve our consciousness and ultimately discover our life purpose. Megan created her unique Dream-Mirror Method to help women decode and decipher their dream language for personal growth and self-discovery. Megan also states it is her mission to teach the method to all women so they can harness the trans formative power of their dreams! As she work’s exclusively with women, who are with shows and whose host and audience are women.

Well readers I have reached my destination πŸ™‚ as always, I pray that everyone will remain faithful and keep those prayers up and remember God is King have a blessed day we will get through this together, and I leave you with this quote until next time please subscribe to my monthly newsletter here at, join me to have that needed conversation and showcase your services I would love to connect. I am looking forward to having this discussion soon with Chinazom who says do not be afraid to ask for ‘Help.”

To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering. ” Friedrich Nietzsche’