Greetings readers I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend Lol I did of course I had a marvelous birthday 🙂 I am a February love child of course lol that is my “WHY” I am such a jewel and I love to see others grow and win I could not have it any other way. With everything that is going on you have to keep the mindset of a winner No matter who’s winning remember that please and know you are capable of achieving great things Jewels. I was reading an article from ‘ Addicted 2 Success by Tim Denning, who stated to be a winner you have to think like one. It’s no secret that thinking is the key ingredient to success, and if you can master it then you can achieve any result you can dream of. It sounds easy, yet most of society fail at this fundamental success principle.
Before you can even begin to think like a winner you need to become consciously aware of your thoughts and how they are affecting every little part of your life. All it takes is one angry moment like tooting your horn, to alter your state of mind for the next few hours. If you see obstacles as the world being against you or as meaning you failed, then you are likely to be overwhelmed with painful thoughts and difficult emotions when faced with blocks to your goals. Also Keep in mind that a leader leads by example not by force and when you lead people follow them 🙂 I am so grateful for the thought leaders that I follow who have given me the opportunity to sit down and share their knowledge and expertise that has enlightened me to. Winning has been associated with being egocentric and ego-oriented because of the idea that winning not only depends on you or me, but also the person we are competing with. The truth is that winning is not about performing better than others, rather it is performing to our highest abilities. In my book I had discussed how I had faced plenty of challenges and obstacles and yes, I can admit that there were times I wanted to change the route however I do know when you are passionate about your goals and are focused to help others there is nothing more rewarding than leading by example 🙂 and the only competitor I have always challenged is myself to become better no one else…

In my opinion always give yourself a personalized gift One of the main reasons why anyone would love to choose a personalized gift is to allow that personal connection to shine through. A personalized product allows people to materialize their relationships and share a special connection with that someone you cherish. Personalized gifts in the traditional sense are gift items that carry either person’s full name, first name, surname, monogram or initials on them. Nowadays, the global marketplace offers numerous other ways of personalizing gifts, utilizing photos, logos, unique designs and even hand and footprints. Personalization can be considered a key element to increase both revenue and customer base because it allows a company to segment its consumers and target them accordingly. … Today, personalization is more important than ever as consumers have access to content from a plethora of channels. What drives the consumer’s desire for personalization? Ultimately, it’s that very human need to be seen, recognized, and known as an individual. Meeting this desire for a connection with others attracts customers to personalized experiences and fulfilling it will keep them coming back.

Well readers I have reached my destination and as always stay safe be vigilant in your surrounding give love as needed and I leave you with this quote! “Cheers”

Greetings beautiful Ones 🙂 Join us for the grand opening of Californiasmallshop65maxapparel as we journey on this road towards success see you there.!!