Greetings readers I hope everyone is having a tremendous weekend πŸ™‚ I have to address what has been on the forefront of girls facing imposter syndrome. Also I have been answering questions in regards to anxiety and fear. Did you know that your self esteem can be affected and hindered by a lack of self confidence. Are you focused on your goals and ever felt like no matter what you are doing, and have noticed that their are people who follow you or troll you on social media, at school or just in general πŸ™‚ that has caused you to experience Chronic anxiety and fear. If you doubt yourself beautiful (s) even when you’re doing all the right things, you can not allow that goliath to make you feel like you are doomed ! pay attention to your surroundings also when you are focused on your goals please be mindful of your associate’s and friends. I can not stress this enough as we all have been faced with some type of envy, jealousy and now gaslighting from people who are absolutely insecure. reading several articles regards to this issue, I call this mistrust πŸ™‚ I teach this in class, this is when a suspect implies that one is almost assured to be of positive evil! they are imposters, no matter what? and what can we do when that feeling starts to bring fear? make clear, shed light first then clear up, sort out and resolve ASAP it is the only way:) β€œTalking about your imposter syndrome is the first step to dealing with it, rather than suffering in silence.

I am the author of the book ‘A Journey of a Sapphire’ you have to get a copy of the book, it is based on my true story of how I had overcame adversity. I am very excited because, on my journey I have experienced envy, jealousy and trolling. I am so focused I do not have the time to indulged what does not serve me and this is a ritual I have. You would be either be ignored or deleted and I explain this to girls at the foundation. social anxiety disorder is a persistent fear of one or more social situations where embarrassment, doubt or envy from the person who is trolling may occur and the fear or anxiety is out of proportion to the actual threat posed by the social situation as determined by the person’s cultural norms. I had discussed previously in my last blog πŸ™‚ also I have interviewed professionals on my podcast pertaining to this topic as well. I had noticed that someone has hacked into my account and erased my followers also they have erased my previous blogs LOL I definitely know I am on the right road journeying towards greatness ! I tell my girls all the time as Dr. Martin Luther King said ! what is your Blue print ? my vision is huge and I have designed my blue print myself to be a master piece I say and it is humbling to know I have followers who appreciate my good works. As Hilary Clinton says we are gusty women who are not silent whether it’s negative or positive. I do enjoy other influences of great leadership because strong leadership posses a clear vision, we are courageous women who has integrity, honesty, and we inspire our team and spend a lot of time coaching to build an effective team. We care a lot about personal development and among st the presence of others I feel we try to have a positive attitude as leaders. Well lovelies I have reached my destination Lol until next time do have a fabulous weekend from a true sapphire πŸ™‚

and 💃 you know I could not resist to inspire you with a dash of ❤️‍🩹 it is the journey that gives us hope and it defines the character of the wow lol remember that today when you are walking around πŸ™‚