What a year 2020 has been! Unfortunately for most, it has not been what we would have expected. For America, we have been deeply impacted by Covid-19 and we’re still feeling the effects of it let alone the after-affects that we’ll be feeling for years to come. In between all of that we had the Black Lives Matter protests and the Elections to top it all off. American Non-Profit Organizations suffered greatly throughout 2020 and unfortunately, not all of them will be around in years to come.

Pamela L. Henderson is the founder of All Roads Lead 65 Max Foundation, “2020 was a horrific year for us all. 65 Max Foundation was fighting fiercely to remain relevant providing e-learning services and resources to our girls online”. With the election and the chaos that was amongst us all adhering to the CDC policy and requirements per the Governor’s stay home order and the social distancing left everyone running for their lives,” she said.

Covid-19 Has Hit Non-Profits Hard

5.8 million reportedly have “recovered” – yet many remain burdened by resulting hefty financial costs (e.g., medical bills, lost wages). More than 242,000 Americans are dead – leaving behind grieving family members, many of whom are worried about lingering medical costs, funeral expenses, past lost wages, future lost wages, and more.

This puts a lot of pressure on young family members who will also need support and mentoring as this will affect a lot of people’s mental health as well.

Although, All Roads 65 Max do have some e-learning services on their website, like many non-profits they were used to helping people in a face to face setting, going out to schools and inspiring young girls, letting young women know that it is never too late to turn your life around and basically letting girls and women know that they are there to help.

Covid-19 caused uncertainty with the foundation’s staff and mentees becoming unsure how or what to do. Should they keep going and learn to adjust to a new world of the unknown? Some staff/mentees were participating in the marches under the Black Lives Matter organization that had taken the front line towards what had become precedence world-wide. 

Financial Support Is Needed Quickly

All Roads 65 Max found it’s self struggling to keep its doors open. They had minimal financial resources and at the same time, they want to keep its name pertinent amongst the world. The election’s outcome became the world’s priority to bring change and diversity to its knees. “Since the unknown of Covid-19 that has brought uncertainty as a small business, like other small businesses we hollard, yelled and sought resources to continue to keep our doors open from losing clients and vendors due to the lack of funding,” Pamela said. 

Many nonprofits have not been able to fundraise at the same level, due to a mixture of cancelled or scaled back events, people holding their money closely for fear of what may be ahead for them, and donations being directed or redirected to pandemic- and disaster-related causes. Each of these pain points of fiscal stress pumps up the pressure on nonprofits, which themselves have been trying to cope with the added physical strains and the psychological stress of the crises. At a certain point, individual nonprofits, and then chunks of nonprofit subsectors, are at risk of collapsing because of skyrocketing demands, increasing costs, and plummeting revenues.

Staying Hopeful With a New Government in Place

“However, we have remained hopeful to a new year of Democracy that brought history to its knees once again by electing Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris as Vice president. Six women have joined the Biden administration of diversity is what I call greatness.” 65 Max Foundation has shown its determination to continue to lead by example that will establish a partnership to help give each girl the opportunity to become Independent and hope full no matter what career she has chosen.

2020 was a horrific year for our youth who have put themselves on the front line losing their lives for a cause to say We Matter. For 2021 Pamela remains hopeful as she continues to take a seat whether she is invited or not.

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