Greetings readers I hope everyone had a beautiful, blessed holiday weekend 🙂 it was 114 here in California where I live, and with everything that is going on right now we have to keep our head up. Keeping your head up is important not because you have to prove something to others or to hide your weaknesses, but rather because you owe it to yourself to stand tall and be proud against any adversities of life or the “Unknown”. The only way to know our true size is taking up on challenges and learning how to surpass them with style and confidence. Even when you think you’ve been dealt the hardest hand, just refer back to your inspirational keep your head up quotes and remember that life’s essential learnings are mostly learnt during these times of challenge and failure, and they are here to make us come out of the other end as stronger individuals. 🙂 People would kill to see you fall, if we let our head drop, our heart drops with it. Keep your head up! to feel and show pride in oneself, especially in times of difficulty, failure, or embarrassment.

To “keep your head up” means to stay calm, to resist panic, remain able to think clearly. It’s a dramatic expression, with the head representing the mind, the brain, the ability to think. The opposite is, of course, ‘losing your head”, meaning giving way to panic, not able to think clearly or logically. being a spiritual person myself I have such an intuition I know when there is bad energy in my presence or even when people have bad intentions as well:( In today’s world with all the chaos and jealousy and power struggle that are going on! you have to be mindful of your surroundings readers. I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Ms. Stephanie James who is an Author, filmmaker, transformation coach and professional speaker we had a wonderful conversation. Stephanie says humans live in an unparalleled time on the planet and many have faced unbelievable challenges, ones they never imagined they would go through. It is time for a reliable compass and a north star to help guide the travel-weary reader safely to the shore of our inner strength and vibrancy. Check out the interview link below and be inspired LOL….

I agree that You can take control of your destiny and live the life you want by staying true to yourself. You can start anytime. You can start today. You can start with one day at a time, just facing what happens that day. Most of us get overwhelmed when faced with the prospect of a big change. Even if the only thing we change is our attitude. To be completely honest with yourself, staying faithful to your values, being sincere, open-minded and fair. It doesn’t mean that you look down on people or that you’re disrespectful. What I do when I am faced with adversity and uncertainty, I have a Personal Mission Statement. I think that we get so caught up in the mundane details of daily life that we often lose track of why we’re here, sometimes I put a lock on social media because here is where the energy vampires’ lives LOL absolutely and I hold myself accountable for how I respond because I have learned in life that people have a right to speak ! and some people are bored, lonely or their life is so miserable they want you to feel there pain LOL and they share their opinion(s) of what or how you should proceed in school, business or in life in general and some criticism is valid however a lot of the BS is to be ignored honestly and you have to remember how they have genuinely because of the choices they have made from being controlled, stuck mentally and emotionally mistreated themselves yes it is sad:( I am an award winning author of the new book ‘A Journey of A sapphire” once you purchase my book you would understand my fight towards success 🙂 I hope to inspire others who are on their journey and ‘How To Recognize Bad Behavioral problems” and who are, or who have gone through obstacles and challenges to never give up on your dreams and to continue to move forward no matter what the world opinion is.

Well readers I have reached my destination until next time 🙂 as always, I leave you with this quote do have a wonderful day and stay safe from a true Sapphire herself “Cheers”

Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel, Because Those Who Mind Don’t Matter’ And Those Who Matter Don’t Mind…
“Bernard M Baruch”