Greetings readers I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend staying warm ad Covid free Lol. In this day of age, many of us have turned to our computers and mobile devices to undertake e-courses and virtual meetups. The current generation has grown up with the internet and feels very comfortable using it. All Roads Lead 65 Max offers an e-course via their website. Though they have still been able to help some young women this year, with everything that has been going on with Covid-19 they haven’t been able to help out as many young people as they normally would Enriching Student’s Academic Lives. This is why their online e-learning training program is a perfect place to start and experience some of the mentoring that they would normally provide on a 1-1 basis. Their training program focuses on enriching each student academically by providing a one-on-one setting. The students will be able to acknowledge their behavioral habits that lead to destruction and ongoing hardships. Many young people prefer online learning because they are able to work at their own pace. You don’t have to be afraid to work ahead or feel discouraged if you want to take more time on a particular topic.

It’s also great for young people who are introverts or are a bit shy and who might not normally reach out for assistance. Being able to do the program in a safe and quiet space makes it a lot easier to complete. You’re able to do the course on a phone or a tv which makes it very accessible for everyone. This allows each student to participate in an exclusive intervention, and to establish a meaningful self-care stance through social-emotional growth that instills confidence and (OJT) skills through the proposed goal that is developed through accountability. Looking To the Future as we empower each student to enhance their customer service skills, their goal is to help build integrity and self-esteem and to advocate skills that are able to be reached for future opportunities. A focus of this program is for young people to feel empowered, establish goals, and follow through on commitments. These types of skills are not necessarily learned in a school environment. Educational attainment is even more important in the technology-rich global 21st century. A range of low-skilled work is becoming increasingly automated and demand for some higher-level skills is growing.

School attendance is critical for academic achievement, particularly for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. As a group, children from low socioeconomic backgrounds have poorer school attendance rates than students from high socioeconomic backgrounds. Providing A Support System, the Foundation wants to expand the perspective of young girls transitioning through foster care and make them aware of life’s possibilities. Having a tough start to life can affect the mindset of the girls. Knowing that there are people out there like Pamela and her team gives hope and a positive outcome in life. Everyone is dramatically influenced by their support system, particularly young people. Unfortunately, not everyone has a good solid support system to turn to when they need help, and this is where charities like All Roads 65 Max have to step in. The foundation wants to surround each young person in a caring, inclusive learning environment. All Roads 65 Max Foundation wants to inspire each individual to establish worldwide virtual friendships, that create pro-social, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope for the future.
Vital Skills Too Have In 2020 each person will be able to recognize their lack of customer service skills and will have the opportunity to correct through self-awareness so she/he can move forward. It will help the students with their social growth and pursue, higher education, professional or entrepreneurial career. Pamela wants to establish an effective mentoring system to protect both the mentee and the mentor. The students will then receive a certificate of completion which is a definite confidence booster. The students can then do further work through the Foundation and continue to work on their personal development and increase their self-esteem and confidence. This will give them a better chance of achieving their goals and if they are still at school the Foundation can support them with their mentoring services. Check out the interview I did with Alex Hanno whose conversation was very intriguing called the “chameleon-effect” this interview was absolutely inspiring 🙂 well readers I have reached my destination and as always do have a blessed beautiful week 🙂
.. and at the end this is the perfect customer service video that will make your day !!”CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO” LOL

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