Greetings readers I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend 🙂 have you noticed how things are changing not only within, how the world is changing drastically. Human beings have a complicated relationship with change. While it is both inevitable and essential for growth, change can also be deeply uncomfortable — especially if it feels involuntary, or out of our control. Interestingly, regardless of whether the changes were ostensibly positive or negative we know, logically, that our situation has changed, it can be difficult to get that change to really sink in stated by Harvard Business review. So, if you’re struggling to disentangle your past and present selves, see if you can define a moment that can be imbued with significance, and articulate that to yourself and those around you. Simply recognizing a specific moment as a divider between the past and the present can help you extricate yourself from an identity that is no longer relevant to your life. In 2010 After going through the hurt of my daughter being a victim of domestic violence abuse it was a wake up call for me honestly and I knew it was important for me to help share my experience, my disgruntle-ness I had against others the system and my daughter, it did not make any sense to me how naive someone can be not seeing the red flags that were clearly visible and then I had read this article By Leo Tolstoy” Attend to your own personal development” and it dawned on me as I reminisced when I had experienced domestic violence at the age of 22 when I married my daughters father at such a young age 🙁 who was on drugs and I did not know until after we were married and moved in together:) I was at the peak of my career manager at the Red Lobster restaurant and I had noticed how controlling and argumentative and absolutely possessive he became ! and that one day coming home from work my life felt threaten I was 8 months pregnant and the evil in his eyes were absolutely scary ! and when he had grabbed me and said no one can have you but me ! I knew then it was time for me to go. I felt defenseless and all I was thinking about was how can I escape ? I remember talking with my dad before I said yes to getting married and my father was totally against it ! he told me Pamela, it is something about this young man that does not sit well with me and when you are ever in a situation of being threaten run and never go back and call me ” you have only one father remember that. The look in my fathers eyes was a message and I had taken that to heart. That night at home going through this turmoil I had taken control and said Yes! to loving me, I come first, I matter I am one of Gods Jewel’s so I managed to calm the anger to satisfy this male ego! and said would you like something from the store ? he said yes and I had grabbed my coat and purse and never looked back again 🙂 I was only married for one month Lol I went immediately to the court house and was granted an annulment.

When I went through this process of domestic violence along with my daughter I had understood her grief and her pain and I stood by her side and fault to the end, however taking responsibility for yourself allows you to accept the lesson that helps you to change and grow within and I had come to find that sometimes it is absolutely difficult for some young girls ages 15-25 years old to understand what self care and loving yourself means, and it starts with attaining the customer service skills that are needed because it is the tool and skill that is needed for us to grow and define behavioral problems that allows us to move forward towards social growth no matter what career, profession, becoming a mother and wife when communication breaks down within! you have nothing and the road of toxic relationships no matter with friends, family you name it will limit your life and prosperity will be the destination towards self destruction. Reading the article By Mr. Tolstoy from speaker John C. Maxwell who wrote: “Most people want to change the world to improve their lives, but the world they need to change First is the one inside themselves “Deep right” and I am doing just that. Through my foundation at ‘All Roads Lead 65 Max Foundation my passion from research and experience has allowed me to add value to some ones life and I hope as I continue to take a seat at the table to become one of the world’s insightful organizations to stand along side with other renowned foundations who are helping to change some ones life one day at a time by sharing my voice through my radio station here at BBSRadio/Allroads 65 Max radio also sharing my expertise by offering my online eLearning program that is now world wide. And speaking of loving yourself I had a wonderful insightful conversation with Mr. Michael Elligion, UFO Researcher, Contac tee and Author of Prepare For The Landing as we discussed his new book Lol check out the interview Mr. Elligion stated When he was a child he began to have many spiritual experiences that are compiled in his book, Prepare For The Landings: Are You Ready! The interesting thing about the book he says! is when he was a young child he had a vision showing he was going to publish a book much later in life, as well as knowing the title. It would not be published until several years before the events described in the book would actually happen. At age 15 he was doing Readings for people up and down the west coast of the US by word of mouth. At first my Readings were much like Edgar Cayce’s, in that they were Karmic in nature. Then in 1979, he was physically beamed aboard for the second time (my first contact occurred at age 6) to one of the Spiritual Hierarchy’s spacecraft known as a Merkabah Lightship. During this visit he was “activated” as a “Direct-Voice Channel for the Spiritual Hierarchy.” From then on he began exclusively doing Readings for the Lightworkers or Star People. Mr. Elligion, have also been a guest and interviewed on thousands of radio, TV and newspapers as well as spoken at many Universities, Churches and Centers throughout North America and Great Britain you can purchase his books at and fiction autobooks 🙂

Well readers I hope that I have enlightened you and also, you enjoyed this conversation LOL until next time do have a wonderful day stay blessed love yourself and subscribe to my channel and to the Sapphire journey news. I am an award winning author of the new book ‘A Journey Of A Sapphire” and please purchase my book and get to know Pamela herself by visiting also at and kindle fire… I leave you with this quote “Cheers”

Your state of mind and attitude will undoubtedly affect other people. When you can look on the bright side of life, you will inspire others to do the same Steve Jefferson, ‎Dave Morrow, Building Blocks to Leadership….