Greetings readers I hope everyone is staying safe and fabulous 🙂 I wanted to discuss about being focused and fabulous. In my opinion When a person is focused on something, they’re paying attention to it. When a camera lens is positioned to take that snapshot lol your eyes are focused straight ahead, you are making the adjustments that are needed to see your vision clearly. When a beam of light is glaring on you in that moment, you have positioned yourself to shine that attention on you and no one else. Your attention is fixed on that one thing and that is you! When your mind is focused on that goal you want to accomplish, you have aligned your subconscious thinking with your intentions to excel and by the way do understand that no one else matters 🙂 you are the Jewel whose flashlight is taking precedence on who you are becoming.

It is absolutely important that you become diligent to show care and conscientiousness in your work duties. I was reading from visiting the website and the per the author who had stated that when a girl wanting to focus on herself, she would likely mean that she is not interested in you. It could also be the case that she is not looking for a boyfriend right now she is focused to accomplish her goals dreams and aspirations, You Go Girl! different reasons why a girl will say that she wants to focus on herself will likely come with a number of clues in the way that she says it and in the body language that she shows. The secret is pretty simple this question was asked of me plenty of times understanding your Why! your purpose, practicing self-awareness and asking yourself the Why question. After you realize and find what it is, then comes the hard part. I can acknowledge that girls don’t buy into bullshit you tell us anymore absolutely not :)When you have a purpose you pursue, you become the solution to become an independent entrepreneur, owner of your company or you will become a leader to be reckoned with lol you simply don’t care that much about the approval of others, You are okay because you have your purpose Kudos for us girls…

Now when we mix the focused with the fabulous this cake mixture becomes absolutely tasty right girls 🙂 it brings me to this article I had read on the website Smartfem digital By author Girlfriends Galore AZ Blog who is focused driven. I had read their article we both are pretty much meshed when it comes to girl talk and empowerment and I did enjoy the food for thought also who had said that being completely confident in the feminine woman you are, is absolutely necessary to succeed in whatever you choose to do LOL and their TIP: If you’re nervous about an upcoming event, take time to really concentrate on what outcome you want to have – then RELAX! A truly fabulous woman knows how to be charismatic in any situation. It’s in building your confidence that you will find yourself able to handle a situation with grace and charm. People will always want to know a person who is truly and sincerely charming. Yes, fabulous ones! Most of us use the word fabulous in an entirely positive sense, with the meaning “wonderful” or “marvelous.” This is entirely a “Mindset” the driving force in the quest for success and achievement.

I will be celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King all month to remind each of us that we are all in this salad bowl that is a mixture of opportunities. Well, listener’s I have reached my destination and I leave you with this Quote until next time continue to be true to yourself “Cheers”!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King Jr.