Greetings readers I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend 🙂 I have been reading articles from the World Health organization about young women who have been murdered, raped or kidnapped. Violence against women – particularly intimate partner violence and sexual violence – is a major public health problem and a violation of women’s human rights. The article written by the World health organization also stated that Most of this violence is intimate partner violence. Worldwide, almost one third (27%) of women aged 15-49 years who have been in a relationship report that they have been subjected to some form of physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate partner. Domestic violence is often used as for intimate partner violence, which is committed by one of the people in an intimate relationship against the other person and can take place in heterosexual or same-sex relationships, or between former spouses or partners. Causes and effects of domestic violence: Feeling of inferiority. In this era, women are educated, independent, and strong. Some men with low mentality feel jealous about women’s superiority in education or economically. They can’t bear this feeling of inferiority and starts abusing women in their house to show that they are superior.
Red flags and warning signs of an abuser include but are not limited to: Antiquated beliefs about roles of women and men in relationships Forced sex or disregard of their partner’s unwillingness to have sex.

It is imperative for us as girls to be vigilant of not only of our surroundings, but we also have to be mindful of the company we get involved with. Domestic violence is on the rise girls and there are 1-3 women dying each day globally. People experiencing domestic violence often feel isolated. Whether it is due to a fear of rejection by others or retaliation from their abusers, they may not immediately seek help. Unfortunately, isolation may lead to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and, in some cases, post-traumatic stress disorder. Please remember that the best treatment of identifying domestic violence Using domestic injury prevention methods among couples and families such as therapy. These are methods to prevent domestic violence before it even occurs by increasing awareness and developing a safer home, work, and school environment. Decreasing instances of national domestic violence begin with primary prevention. Please girls if you know anyone or if you have a BFF, family member or even a neighbor please be mindful and keep an open mind to share this Hotline that can be accessed via the nationwide number 1800799SAFE(7233) or TTY 18007873224 or (206) 518-9361 (Video Phone Only for Deaf Callers).

I had interviewed Amy Nordhues who is a survivor of both childhood sexual abuse and sexual abuse. Amy is an author and speaker who has written the book “Preayed Upon” you need to purchase her book it can save a life. My condolences go out to all the young women families who have lost their mom, daughter and friend to a senseless act of envy, jealousy and anger may we continue to bring awareness regarding our rights to make change! and saying NO! well readers I have reached my destination and until next time stay safe be 0bservant with your eyes open and careful, remember to keep Jesus first and I leave you with this quote.

“It doesn’t matter how strong your opinions are. If you don’t use your power for positive change, you are Indeed part of the problem! ” Coretta Scott king”