Greetings readers I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend 🙂 I had a fabulous time myself over the weekend celebrating the beautiful lady’s at the Miss Fashion Global event this weekend. Taking Part to support the resilience of girls of all ages was a delight to see, meet and network with and I am looking forward to taking part along side of the organization in the future. All Roads 65 Max is providing young girls and women with leadership skills. Some of these skills may be taught at school but not to the full extent that they should be. Young women experience discrimination based both on gender and on age. In particular, critical gaps in funding and resources for education, skills development and mentorship impact the ability of young women to realize their full potential as leaders. Please check out”The UK says “We know that investing in young women’s leadership will not only change the trajectory of their future but that of their communities as well. The Benefits of Leadership Skills establishes a strong Leadership outlook and the results of confidence, resilience, knowledge, wisdom, and the guts to step up to the opportunity. For many of the young girls that All Roads help are not learning about these skills. They may be from a broken home where unfortunately they are not receiving support, are homeless or may even be in Juvenile Detention Centers across the country.

For young women, leadership skills begin at home. The home is a girl’s first exposure to justice and injustice. How she is taught to react and respond to family dynamics can greatly impact her confidence and her ability to trust herself and others. Family dynamics often cannot be predicted or controlled. It is up to parents to instill the basic confidence by addressing injustice within their own lives and the lives of their daughters. Such as I who was a single working mom did the best that I could but the odds were still against me. Mothers who are focused and work driven, trying to provide for their families sometimes face uncertainty and if our daughters chooses to follow the norm ! challenges and obstacles can become our concern that leads us down a road of mistrust, skepticism and confusion. Young Adolescence is an important time for leadership growth. Increasing leadership in young adolescence, can reinforce self-esteem and be a catalyst for flourishing adulthood. Yet many adolescents are never offered the chance to act as leaders, and adult leadership models are often inappropriate for teens that have unique developmental needs check out…Why Should Young Women Have to Choose from a young age ? girls are groomed to start thinking about if they want a career OR a family. Teaching business empowers girls to realize that juggling is really just part of life, so it never has to be either/or a situation.

Young people in today’s schools will be the next generation of leaders in the workplace, in our communities and in their families.  Because genuine leadership opportunities support transition into adulthood, foster the skills and character to be responsible citizens and promote social and emotional well-being. Understanding the process involved in leading oneself and others enables young people to be confident in their roles and to navigate their own path. The theme for this year’s International Day of the Girl, by visiting the website “ day. My focus is to have my voice, our equal future is highlighting how girls everywhere are leading the way in creating the world we all want and deserve. Girls – their rights, voices, talent and dreams – are the foundation of the world we want. The world needs as many female leaders as we can nurture 🙂 Recently we saw history being made in America. Not only do they now have a female vice president but a black female vice president. Having a leader like that in 2020 and in America is one for the record books. Kamala Harris’ leadership skills will prove to young black girls that they can do anything they want and they can be a leader with power. Kamala Harris’ victory speech was powerful and one that not only women will remember but men as well. “While I may be the first woman in this office, I won’t be the last,” said Harris. “Because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities. Harris said “To the children of our country, regardless of your gender, our country has sent you a clear message: Dream with ambition, lead with conviction, and see yourself in a way that others might not see you, simply because they’ve never seen it before. And we will applaud you every step of the way.”

I interviewed My special guest Alyssa Couture, who supports conscious fashion consumers who want to build a healthier wardrobe and fashion professionals that want to build a healthier fashion business. Alyssa offers methods and ways fashion can be used as an alternative health remedy + as a long-term modern wellness trend. Fashion is to be used to support the mind, body, and spirit. Alyssa says Fashion for your health is to revamp the body, mind, and soul. If we are healthy, we are happy. We can make fashion do the work for us! along this exciting interview Lol I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Brook Brimm Known as the minister of mind, body, and spirit, Brooke uses self-exploration exercises such as yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, creative expression, healing culinary arts, and healing herbs as useful modalities to lead thousands of clients and students to their own self-healing, including when it comes to food. Brooke states, “Berry picking is a great activity to do on Earth day. We get to connect with the earth and the food it brings us, and that deepens our respect for our home. Once we are done with that fun activity, we come home and make strawberry shortcake.” 🙂 not only did I get the insight of healthy fashion also I was educated about healthy living making the choice to become a vegan, vegetarian or staying fit as a pescatarian. check out our conversation

This kind of raw power, positivity and determination lets young girls and women know, that with the right skills, particularly leadership skills that they can achieve all their dreams and goals and live the life that they want. Well readers as always Lol I have reached my destination and along on this journey I am raising the bar holding my title as ‘ Award winning author’ until next time I leave you with this quote and do have a wonderful day!

Quote >>The common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. ” Alice Walker”

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