Greetings readers I hope you all had a terrific weekend, did you know that crime amongst our children and girls of all ages has gone up 🙁 I was on Tik Tok listening to one of my favorite mentors and I had came across this message that was very disturbing and I could not help to make sure that I follow through, regards to the cry of this female who is in distress. Often times people turn their heads or ignore the issue because he/she feels it is none of your business also your safety ! however it is absolutely necessary that we bring this issue to light. A similar phrase, lady in distress, appears damsel in distress, while indeed used in earnest, is also often a conceit to expose the follies of men and women. A distressing or difficult circumstance or situation no one wants to witness right but in all honesty it is our civic duty of awareness to bring to light when (someone) is in trouble or any situation In someone’s disfavor due to a particular offense or wrongdoing, especially one that will result in punishment. The women who apparently was in distress stated if anything happens to me such as she comes up missing or dead please know that this guy has killed me !! I am the author of the new book ‘A Journey of a Sapphire” it is a self help book that helps you to understand How to recognize behavioral problems. I hope to inspire girls all over the world. Please support me me by purchasing my book at for a hard copy and available on also

Tomorrow tune in at 2pm PS-Time at BBSRadio/Allroads 65Max radio as I interview Jan Edwards founder of Paving The Way foundation as we discuss her award winning film ‘Trapped In The Trade” Jan states that That over the past two years, there has been a massive increase in online child enticement and exploitation, along with teen depression, self-harm and suicide. Children are isolated, lonely, afraid and looking for connection with others – predators know this and are intentionally targeting children everywhere! she also says Headed by founder Jan Edwards, Paving the Way Foundation is committed to empowering communities to be a fierce disruption in the cycle of child trafficking and online exploitation through highly engaging and empowering educational programs. Starting with its Award-Winning Film, Trapped in the Trade, the organization takes the audience through one girl’s journey of being targeted, groomed, recruited and trapped into child trafficking. This film does not have a happy ending, leaving the audience a little raw with hearts and eyes wide open to what they can do to prevent exploitation. But more than this, Jan is spearheading a national information campaign with schools, parents, teens in middle and high schools, the media, and other critical organizations on how to spot, resist and report
perpetrators—how NOT to get ensnared! Paving the Way Foundation is developing a mobile app to put protection into the hands of the prey, disrupting the cycle, and empowering children on their social media platforms, which are bombarded daily with unwanted images and messages.

Pamela Henderson says 2010-2012 during my research, I come to find that there is 1.7 million displaced youth in California over a year 14% percent reside in contra costa county alone, and 50% are girls. According to the (US Census Bureau), there were 41,731,233 displaced youth age 12-19 in the United States which is 13% of the population. Vulnerable youth and adulthood transition are consistent – connected to school or work between 18 -24. ( Roughly 1 in 5 youth from low-income families, 18% never connect, making extremely short between ages 18-24 and 1in 50 youth from high-income families 2% fall into this category. 11-15 there are 3.5% and age’s 16-20 4.0% foster care youth attending school in Contra Costa County. There are limited at-risk youth programs located in our community in Antioch Ca, searching through I found a couple of youth-based nonprofits who serviced throughout the east bay community for at risk youth. Beat The Streets, and Salvation Army were the only (two) nonprofits defined as at-risk youth programs that serviced foster youth and homeless advocacy outlets.`4 I come to find the Office of Contra Costa County was the main branch to have any connected resources that are available for at-risk youth. The company’s vision is to continue to help and empower young adolescents and help them create change, and lead them by example. Our long term goal is to establish this foundation internationally. I am excited and I remain hopeful along with ‘Paving The Way foundation’ and together we will help our children and girls of all ages to become more courageous against trafficking and abuse. As always beloveds I have reached my destination and I hope to continue too inspire each and everyone of you 🙂 and I leave you with this quote >> and do have a wonderful bless month from a true Sapphire herself Pamela L Henderson follow me #

Quote # I am Not Afraid Of An Army Of Lions Led By A Sheep; I Am Afraid Of An Army Of Sheep Being Led By A Lion
‘ Alexander The Great’