Good tidings pursuers I trust everybody had a superb end of the week:) there is such a lot of continuing at present and we as a whole must be cautious in our environmental elements per my past article Sounds of Freedom. “Support of the guardian news, the film keeps on causing discussion – with its star visiting moderate media to hawk paranoid notions about anonymous people collecting synthetic compounds from kids’ blood and against dealing specialists censuring the film’s whole reason – questions are additionally being gotten some information about who is really watching it and whether that many individuals are watching it by any means. Holy messenger Studios, the film’s merchant, set up a questionable “show proactive kindness” plot for Sound of Opportunity. There’s a message toward the finish of the film and an unmistakable connection on the studio’s site encouraging watchers to purchase an additional ticket “for somebody who wouldn’t in any case have the option to see the film”. I am not going to let this become an unheard story! that has taken years to be the center of attention that is long overdue 🙂 and I hope you will not either. What I am proud of is that the people who are taking a stand to help acknowledge the injustice that has been happening to all of us perusing our dreams and passion or who have become a victim of enslaved behavior, either way we are fighting against those who are bullies or abusing their power to the fullest. We are standing up against pure evil from the entertainment Industry, false prophet’s, Bishops and churches. I am absolutely proud of Dave Chappel, Kanye West, 50 Cent and Ice Cube for their heroic and activism that speaks for us all especially who has or who are thriving independent labels and inspiring artist who are not interested in being part of anyone’s Club! or to be put in a box of deception and control!! as Ice Cube says, ‘The hell With Consequences” the entertainers, actors and leaders are coming forward making it clear that enough is enough.

I had perused an article by VCU news 🙁 and did you know that there are some ideas that Communities for Infectious prevention and Avoidance uncovered that the death pace of Americans ages 1 to 19 rose by 11% somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2020 and an extra 8% somewhere in the range of 2020 and 2022. Mass shootings at schools, Church’s, supermarkets and presently in expansive sunshine is totally startling wouldn’t you say? Individuals being grabbed going on excursions, in less-created nations, kidnappings are frequently strategically or financially spurred. A few kidnappings are completed by extremists as a demonstration of psychological warfare, a work to cause to notice their objective, or a method for blackmailing the public authority to conform to the hijackers’ requests. Different kidnappings are performed by people looking to raise reserves, either by holding the abductee for payoff or offering them to human dealers. Per the who expressed that Viciousness against ladies is a sign of how inclined social orders are towards savagery. Right around twenty years since nations across the world took on Joined Countries Security Gathering (UNSC)

Ladies’ security isn’t just compromised or abused during wars and clashes. It’s compromised in their regular routines in both public and confidential circles, remembering for stable majority rule governments and during seasons of harmony. All around the world, 35% of ladies have encountered physical or sexual cozy or non-accomplice sexual viciousness. Globally, 38% of all homicides of ladies are committed by private accomplices. On a neighborhood level ladies ought to be prepared by government and qualified common society associations to empower peaceful cycles and fabricate networks in and between networks. Change is required inside neighborhood designs to present orientation delicate drives that benefit society in general and significantly impact attitude.

Protecting our children’s education Guardians assembled at educational committee’ gatherings to voice their viewpoints about specific LGBTQ+ books. The question endured the whole school year however at the board’s last gathering before the late spring break. It boils down to two gatherings of guardians differing about what they accept is proper for understudies. Some say specific books are required to have been comprehensive to all understudies, while others say they go excessively far. There was a Tuesday night executive gathering was loaded with guardians who care profoundly for their youngsters however stand isolated on the books they approach. kids return to school, the attention on math, science, and perusing has been sidelined by crusades mounted for the sake of “guardians’ privileges.” Supporters are requesting that books be restricted from educational plans and school libraries, focusing on instructors and directors in light of perspectives, and battling for control of training sheets. There is no doubt that guardians merit a say in molding their kids’ trainings; they have moral and lawful obligation regarding their youngsters, and the opportunity to go with major choices for their families. Be that as it may, the revitalizing cry of “guardians’ privileges” is being used to do definitely more than give guardians their legitimate voice. It is transforming government funded schools into political milestones, cracking networks, and redirecting investment from instructing and learning. “Be the voice of your children.”

I had the beautiful, phenomenal thought leader Dr. Dravon James on my show who is a motivational speaker and writer, personal Development coach. Dr. Dravon James is the Founder of the Next Step Leadership Academy, a company that empowers women to use everything that shows up in their lives- good, bad, or otherwise to reach their next level of greatness. Dr. Dravon is a Transformation Specialist using her Everyday Peace philosophy to coach women on how to master goal attainment. She is the author of Freedom is Your Birthright. As a leader in the healthcare industry for more than three decades she is the recipient of the Secretary McDonough Coin of Recognition for her leadership efforts to combat the COVID pandemic, Radio Host of the “Dr. Dravon James Everyday Peace” live, weekly show on Unity Online Radio, coach on the SiriusXM “Road Dog Trucking” show, and an actress whose career credits include a recurring role on HBO’s acclaimed “The Wire”. It was an amazing conversation 🙂 where I was able to talk about my vision, the good and the bad of overcoming uncertainty and moving forward into my light Lol. She shared her journey, and how it began in poverty on the South Side of Chicago. Though she had always dreamt of a career on the stage, Dravon went on to earn a doctorate in pharmacy from Creighton University and has worked as a pharmacist all of her adult life. Along with her medical career and theatrical aspirations, Dr. Dravon has also always had a keen interest in personal development. After reading Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking in college, she went on to make a lifelong study of the power we all have to create the life we want. Check out our conversation how thought leaders help other women to lift us up as we continue on our journey. Let us continue to help one another 🙂 my focus is to help and not to hate remember that Jewels Lol well readers I have reached my destination and until next time stay safe and attain the resources to ‘Thrive”! by visiting and get your free course I leave you with this quote.

“Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.”

” Dolores Huerta”