Pamela L. Hendersen started out as a Notary servicing for Real Estate loans. She has been the CFO of 65 Max, a small Independent record production company supporting artists who are motivated and inspired to become the next big thing. In 2010 Pamela experienced a family tragedy that had a massive effect on both her personal and professional life. Seeing a loved one go through a journey which she never expected to see was heartbreaking for her.

New Life Journey For Pamela

This started Pamela on a new journey of her own. She started a non-profit company and sought out further education. Pamela went to JFK University where a Leadership certification was attained under the direction of mayor Tim Grayson and supervisor Federal Glover of Contra Costa County.  While carrying out research for over 1.5 years, Pamela came to realize that there were 85% of girls that her foundation could help. “There was 15 % percent of girls I was not able to help statistically that had chosen the streets as their family,” Pamela said.

“When any young girl enters the foundation program, she is bitter, angry, hurt, and confused about who she is, with low or no self-esteem. She lacks the confidence to understand how she can take responsibility for herself without feeling judged by peer pressure or by what society feels is her destiny.”

Inspiring High School Students

Pamela fondly remembers one girl that she met when she did a talk at Deer Valley High School. “She was very confused and angry and at the same time, she had a beautiful smile that had caught my attention as I had smiled back at  her. I noticed the pain on her face in the midst of speaking to her class of students,” she said. Pamela regularly went to various high schools to talk to girls about the program that she has on offer for them. The high school student was currently failing at school and falling behind. There was a concern she wasn’t going to graduate at all. 

Using Music To Express Her Feelings

Pamela took her under her wing and mentored her. She even taught her how to drive!! The young girl had a desire to be a rap artist and Pamela got her to rap to her and helped her to identify how she could take the pain and negative influences she had in her life. 

The young lady learned about how to rap about how she could inspire other young women who were going through challenges and obstacles through her music and she did just that. She created a song, caught up on her school work, became less angry, and most importantly started to take responsibility and reunited with her family.

America Facing A Broken System

The system is in need of a total restructure. However, since Pamela has established her foundation which is focused to empower girls and young adolescents, she has made her voice heard and that is a definite step towards change. “I have shared my business model with other leaders and executives from Hollywood Ca and Government officials who have either taken a piece of my vision and added it to theirs. Who have created programs that are aligned to help the youth to be inspired,” said Pamela.

“If I did not bring my foundation to the forefront we would stay in darkness and ignore the demons that haunt our girls emotionally, mentally, and physically.”

More Help Needed To Prevent Homelessness

There is an extensive need for more help for these girls. To keep them off the street and becoming homeless. More importantly, preventing them from getting in trouble with the law and ending up in Juvenile Detention Centres. “To give back to foundations such as mine is to help change the lives of others and to help sustain by helping others to move forward towards social growth,” Pamela says.

Big Plans Ahead

Pamela has big plans for All Roads Lead 65 Max over the next 10 years. “My focus is to attain a 4,000 sq feet building and to open up my facility, to help create change throughout my community and abroad. My vision is to establish my foundation in six different countries internationally including Africa, China, Dubai, Herzegovina, India, and the UK.

Don’t forget to get out there and register to vote. One vote can make all the difference.

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