Greetings readers it’s Friday 🙂 and I hope once you have read the article below, you will have a greater understanding that was written by Factank News Senior writer at Pew Research in re-guards to the census data that was completed pertaining to our teens in the US. At risk youth is the number concern we all should understand their cry for help:(Serious mental stress is a fact of life for many American teens. In the new survey, seven-in-ten teens say anxiety and depression are major problems among their peers – a concern that’s shared by mental health Data on the prevalence of anxiety disorders is hard to come by among teens specifically. But 7% of youths ages 3 to 17 had such a condition in 2016-17, according to the National Survey of Children’s Health. Serious depression, meanwhile, has been on the rise among teens for the past several years, This article was very alarming to me and I am very focused through my Organization to help provide change for our youth today. Continue own reading… I leave you with the Quote of the Day 🙂 until next time as always have a joyous weekend.


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  1. Quote Of The Day > ‘ I have Found That If You Love Life, Life Will Love You Back…
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