Greetings readers I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend 🙂 did you know that during this time of uncertainty we are making progress towards everyone getting vaccinated, people are more aware of their physical, emotional health also mental health is on the front line of disscussions and topics across the globe:) It is so important for us to understand how to release unwanted negativity and stress. One of the focusess that the foundation is passionate about “Youth at risk” is a general term for a range of circumstances that place young people at greater vulnerability for problem behaviors, such as substance abuse, school failure, and juvenile delinquency, along with mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Someone who we can identify with “high-risk children” means individuals under the age of 21 who are low-income or at risk of abuse or neglect, have been abused or neglected, have serious emotional, mental, or behavioral disturbances, reside in placements outside their homes, or are involved in the juvenile …My goal is to connect with girls who are unprotected sexual activity.sexting and other risky uses of social media.tobacco smoking, alcohol use and binge-drinking.illegal substance use.dangerous driving.illegal activities like trespassing or vandalism. fighting. truancy. I am an advocate to help our girls to seriously pay attention to not what to listen to 🙂 Don’t listen to what other people have to say about you, unless it’s constructive. Know that you are WORTH MORE than what that boy/grade/friend/etc. Don’t let others tell you what is realistic for you. Don’t let a relationship conquer your dreams and future ideas. Don’t settle for anyone or anything. Thier is a list of all of us girls should do everyday Drink hot lemon water. Warm lemon water flushes the digestive system and hydrates your body. …
Break a sweat. Exercise is an important part of any healthy day. …Skincare. …Skip that extra cup of coffee. …Eat slowly and without distractions. …Eat salmon. …Practice intermittent fasting and most importantly Make a gratitude list.

Things to be grateful for in life 🙂 and I am so grateful for my journey it has been a horrific journey and their has been times I wanted to give up 🙂 I did not !! I am thankful for BBSradio and for the phenomenal Leaders I mean Gods Angels who have stood by me from day one!!! The Gratitude that helped me to feel and to have more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improved my mental and physical health,to deal with adversity, that is building strong relationships:) I am a warrior who have fought a good fight!!! and I will leave this earth as a Legend “Les Brown” Lol I am very excited of the future and I am proud of being one of those Unique girls who try’s to be On top of everything else, there are three important factors that make us unique. The most important factor is our values. We get our values primarily from our parents, then from our family, our extended family, the schools we go to, from our friends and from our community. The second factor is our beliefs ! In my opinion, Every child has unique character strengths and abilities that allow him or her to express their individuality in a social environment. It is what makes them “special”. When trying to understand your children and their behavior, you can think of them as being the sum of all the parts that make them unique.

65 Max Foundation is focused on enriching each student academically by providing a classroom setting that allows each participant to participate in a group intervention (openly) by establishing social, emotional growth that instills confidence and (OJT) skills through the proposed goal that is developed through accountability as we empower each student to enhance their customer service skills by implementing hands-on training that builds integrity and self-esteem, to advocate skills that are needed to attain through Social growth pursuing a professional or entrepreneurial career. I hope that this opportunity will have an major impact not only within my community ! my goal is to become an International foundation who’s values and Integrity will move that mountain of barriers that has separated us girls, to believe that thier is only one way and one value to believe 🙁 that bridge for us to cross that brings Diversity and Democracy to its land of choices! and hope to believe that if given the right resources we can be anything we want to be in a ‘POSITIVE” way and dance through Social growth Lol

Well readers I have reached my destination once again 🙂 until next time please join me June 1st 2021 at 12 Noon on BBSRadio/Allroads as I interview Author Mr. Michael Taylor as we disscuss ‘The Future Is Brighter Than You Think” also coming back to the stage to Introduce her new song the beautiful Ms. Faranak who has already blew me away with her prior melody song ” Love Struck” do have a beautiful weekend and holiday and I leave you with the quote of the day ! also on behalf of the foundation who is deeply sadden to read about the senseless shooting in Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority facility. During this time of uncertainty as we move forward inspired by how the American people are implementing Love over hate!

The Future Is Brighter Than You Think

10 reasons to be optimistic about the future;
· 4 pillars of a joy-filled life; and
· 3 ways to know you are doing what you love.

we now have to strategically come up with a solution to help fight against mental health issues and to protect our employees from the things we can not control but from the experiences that has made another impact from disgruntle-ness and rejection!! God Bless us all….