Greetings readers I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend also are having a beautiful day 🙂 I have been contemplating and paying close attention regarding everything that is going on in todays world and the news, media, social media and even being out and about taking care of business. I wanted to share myself with you and I hope my story will enlighten you of who I am and being the founder of my foundation I feel it is absolutely important to give a clear understanding that you are not alone. Since at the age of 11 years old I have always been defined as being different such as not smoking, hanging out with the crowd doing drugs and seeking validation from others. Yes I did grow up at one time thinking I had my own answers and, at 17 years old I fell in love with my high school sweetheart and had my first born, a beautiful son who taught me what true responsibility was and my life was not about just me anymore. I did graduate from high school and I did not have a chance to finish college I started working at 15 years old lol my first job was at Denny’s restaurant, I was hired as a hostess and became a waitress to a waitress trainer, to a coordinator and moved on to management and ventured off susscessfully at other restaurant and hotel ventures. My biggest experience and venture was being hired at Santa Rita county Jail as a Assistant food service director in the kitchen, not only did I have a experience of a life time of assisting line cooks to teach imates how to cook meals for the facility imate population, this journey allowed me to understand how judgement can lead to destruction regarding someones well being and character. One thing I enjoyed was, learning how to understand other personalities, I did facilitate women and men at the correctional facility and beleive it or not the girls were more challenging than the men lol. I was 25 years old young pressionable, beautiful with a outgoing personality 🙂 however I was focused and serious about my job responsibility and being a assistant director, I enjoyed teaching and helping others to take responsibility. One thing is true we were all in this together and without the line cook workers and the imates who were executing the chow ! understanding that each individual was different having their own personality and character without jud dgement and assumptions made my stay for 6 years were pleasant for the most part, I was able to enjoy my job in general also meeting other unique people who had problems of their own from facing criminal charges to unpaid tickets! at the end of the day we all had accomplished our goal and that was to service others. The moral to my story Jewels you are not alone ! I am still being faced with challenges and obstacles also being labeled of being different I am just fine (WHY) I am unapologetically me ! with all my flaws, down falls from my past experiences lol I have endured, I am able to help assist and guide others by helping to give the resources that are needed no matter who, what or why I am questioned or judged. Being different regarding today’s society’s standards have a way of solving a problem by thinking about it in a different and original way and not using traditional or expected methods 🙂 and I want you to resonate with that. Until next time I have reached my destination while I continue to dance amongst the stars leaving my foot prints on this journey call life Lol please subscribe to the Sapphire journey news on the home page also you can join me on and purchase a teir that leads to other products and services where you can receive one on one disscussions also 🙂 and as always join me on BBSRadio/allroads65 speak your truth and subscribe also to my channel. I leave you with this quote and do have a wonderful day from a true Sapphire herself 🙂