Greetings readers I hope everyone is starting to enjoy their summer πŸ™‚ I have been networking through out the globe Internationally on Social media and come to find out that Girl power is a necessity. We fall down and as we get back up ! we become discouraged and skeptical within, we sometimes need validation from others. Emotional validation is the process of learning about, understanding, and expressing acceptance of another person’s emotional experience. Emotional validation is distinguished from emotional invalidation, in which another person’s emotional experiences are rejected, ignored, or judged. My focus at 65 Max foundation is to help give recognition and acceptance of another person’s thoughts, feelings, sensations, and behaviors as understandable. Self-validation is the recognition and acceptance of your own thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviors as understandable. The feeling of having recognized, confirmed, or established one’s own worthiness or legitimacy, also to validate someone’s feelings is first to be open and curious about someone’s feelings. Next, it is to understand them, and finally it is to nurture them. Validation doesn’t mean that you have to agree with or that the other person’s experience has to make sense to you. My question to you is how do you validate yourself ? I suggest Do not ask for validation. Instead of seeking validation from others, ask yourself first! the important part of being in relationship with Self and others and that is a good thing Lol tell your story because it will not be your last and Be mindful and Look carefully at what you are doing.

Girl power will kick in! girls who are enduring faith makes herself powerful, she is a FIGHTER. She can fight for her OWN freedom and decide what she WANTS. No matter WHAT we go through, we DUST ourselves off, get back up and fight even HARDER πŸ™‚ as we get older we become Women in positions of power! women who hold an occupation that gives them great authority, influence, and/or responsibility. Historically, power has been distributed among the sexes disparately. Power and powerful positions have most often been associated with men as opposed to women. I am passionate about girl power and these are the seven important stance a girl should lead by !

*Teach her to question the rules.
*Give her a book (or 12)
*Encourage her to take up sport.
*Compliment her on something other than her appearance.
*Break stereotypes.
*Teach her it’s more than OK to fail.

I encourage girls to have Traits such as nurturance, sensitivity, sweetness, supportiveness, gentleness, warmth, passivity, cooperativeness, expressiveness, modesty, humility, empathy, affection, tenderness, and being emotional, kind, helpful, devoted, and understanding. These traits take time to instill within and once we learn how to master our inner power we become beautiful woman who have goals and knows how to get them. We do not mind how slow our progress is. We enjoy the process, and we know that life isn’t just about reaching those goals but about the colorful journey:) We enjoy a slow and meaningful life and we do not mind pausing to rest that is a necessity.

Now let me empower you !we are journeying back into the world of Covid-19 the restrictions have been lifted we still have to be mindful of our surroundings. I had interviewed Dr. Frances Parnell of Parnell pharmaceutical who specializes in products that restore and maintain mucosal integrity and help fight against Covid-19 which gives all Parnell products superior moisturizing and lubricating properties. Parnell’s product line falls under the following categories: 1) Oral Care, 2) Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy, 3) Dermatology, and 4) Feminine Hygiene. I exercise and sweat a lot and I have been using the DermSol-MD face & body wipes and it is a blessing Lol I am sweating less and my face feels clean even after working out. Another must have is the ‘Pretz-MD saline Nasal spray this promotes nasal health :)if you have allergies or if your nose feels clogged this is absolutely effective a couple of sprays in each nostril it decolonizes, cleanses and moisturizes make you feel like you have a new noise Lol also the ‘Feminease’ it is hormone free and it gives moisture to the female genital area from dryness and leaves you with a fresh feel because of the natural Yerba Santa ingredient. And this Covid-19 fighter mouth spray ‘Mouth Kote MD promotes oral health it has a refreshing mint flavor and is sugar free helps prevent cavities and plaque. All the products I am using and I am happy as well because I am fighting to stay healthy also it helps to fight against Covid-19 readers! these products are needed for traveling and what better way to help feel safe against Covid-19 staying healthy on your daily journey away from home Dr. Frances Parnell enlighten us all and it was a pleasure to had interviewed a phenomenal visionary lol you can purchase these products by visiting
I have reached my destination it was a blast sharing and I hope I had enlightened you to stay healthy on your journey until next time πŸ™‚ do have a wonderful 4th of July and stay safe. I leave you with the quote of the day from a true Sapphire herself ‘Hugs”