Greetings readers I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and you are staying safe. As you know the CDC has lifted the wearing mask mandate however we still need to be mindful beautiful s. Also their is a war going on keep your prayers up! and know to choose love over hate 🙂 speaking of change did you know Women leaders are on the rise today who are very transformational and vast as experts, coaches, mentors and CEO s than men leaders. Here it is 2022 and we lost only 1% of women leaders. Our commitment regards to the assigned roles in leadership function as a role model s for our subordinates are very rewarding. We inspire our team and spend a lot of time coaching to build a effective team. We care a lot about personal development and among st the presence of others I feel we try to have a positive attitude as a leaders. As Hilary Clinton says we are gusty women who are not silent whether it’s negative or positive. I do enjoy other influences of great leadership because strong leadership posses a clear vision, we are courageous women who has integrity, honesty, humility and clear focus to reach their goals.

Social change is happening slowly but surely being embraced in the workplace. Companies were very comfortable with the norm, a few years back when we joined forces with our friends and colleagues. Steps are being taken to improve the frequent change needed such as having a clutter free party day getting rid of paper and unneeded items in the of￾ce to establish personal storage space, and to empower their team to become a agile work environment. My team has openly discussed the need to become more involved as a team rather then being part of a organization. My job as a leader is to make a meaningful impact by contributing to the good of society by establishing a strong diverse
culture providing proper guidance and limits, and supporting the decisions of the subordinates. “Great leaders are inquisitive and use strong, open-minded qualities who will create an efficient, productive and dedicated employees.. A leader has many hats to wear throughout the day, by developing a company culture, ensuring that every employee is absolutely on the same page, and that the team works together towards a common goal despite any cultural or political differences.”

I had a great conversation with Shifra Malka who is a Author of the book ‘Dare To Matter’ An experienced radio host and author, Shifra’s current work is enfolding around her deeply-held conviction for the Divinely-given power of each person message: Live A Large Life. . . D A R E! As a trained Woman Speak™ circle leader, Shifra continues to expand her support for people learning how to act on the belief that their voices matter. Daring to step right into the heart of life’s complexities, Shifra’s style is refreshingly approachable and influential. This remarkable combination of style and thoughtful substance has made Shifra a welcomed, exciting presenter on topics of Her lengthy list of community activism includes past service for the Association for Women in Communications, Washington D.C. and current service on the board of a non- profit organization dedicated to helping singles meet and marry Lol… we had discussed many attributes in regards to leading and not allowing anyone or anything stop your journey towards success. Check out the interview I had with Shifra URL link to Episode Page: [1] and enjoy your day as always beloved’s I have reached my destination and I leave you with this quote Lol and do have a wonderful week from a true Sapphire Pamela L Henderson

Quote> See All Human Behavior AS One Of two Things: Either Love, Or A Call For Love
” Marianne Williamson”